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Submitted on
May 1, 2012


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ClubKenshin Contest 2012: Black & White

Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2012, 12:34 PM

Thank you to all those who submitted entries and those who donated prizes! The contest is officially closed and judging now begins. The results will be posted as soon as possible.

:bulletred: Friday, August 31, 2012 11:59 PM MST :bulletred:

Summer '12 Contest: Black and White!

Now comes our third annual contest! The theme? Black and White. There are three categories to which you can submit your entries: 1) Manga. 2) Solid. 3) Sketchy. Details on each category are below. In essence, what with this being such a big year for RuroKen, and the very exciting announcement about the new manga in May and in August, we've decided to hold a contest in tribute to the beloved series in its original form: MANGA!

The secondary theme, the subject you are to depict, is either honor, courage or redemption. You can depict this as either a strict theme, or something more subtle. You can even just insert one of these words in the dialogue of your manga, or the title of your submission. We're looking for "vibe", essentially. The entry must have Kenshin as the central character.

The categories:

1) Manga
Your entry into this category can be one to five pages long. It must be manga-style panels, but it can be either right-to-left or left-to-right, in your own art-style or Nobuhiro Watsuki's. You must link your pages together in the artist's comments, and submit only the first page to the contest folder. It can be either digital or traditional.

Examples of manga art:
RK Comic: Just Being There P.5 by red-winged-angel Yakusoku chap 1 ::PAGE 8:: by Koyuki12

2) Solid
By solid, we mean a single full-blown piece--whether traditional, digital, photograph, prose or poem--wherein the work is polished. Sketchy art is not to be submitted to this category. Solid art generally means inking, filling-in with black, and having some sort of background or finished feel. You can submit prose and poetry, as that's a form of black and white. In regards to prose, keep it under 2,000 words. We also accept black and white cosplay pictures.

Examples of solid art:
Rurouni Kenshin by lety-camara Kenshin by omittchi Himura Kenshin by Kimura-Shinjiru Kenshin by Guu-chaan

3) Sketchy
As the name implies, sketchy art goes here. Sketchy, however, doesn't mean sloppy. Take your time. We're not looking for doodles, but sketches in either digital or traditional medias. Backgrounds aren't necessary.

Examples of sketchy art:
Kenshin by AAzAAmi Sexy Kenshin by runeechan Himura Kenshin Sketch RK by ZeroSleep

Contest Rules
:bulletblue: We reserve the right to reject any entry at any time.
:bulletblue: Group members ONLY may participate.
:bulletblue: Prize doners may enter.
:bulletblue: No mature entries. This is an all-ages contest. Keep violence and/or sensuality to a minimum.
:bulletblue: One entry per category per member. In other words, you can submit an entry into each category, but only once.
:bulletblue: Entries must be your own work. No tracing, screenshots or manipulations.
:bulletblue: Other RK characters (Kaoru, Sanosuke, Yahiko, Tomoe, whomever) may be present, just be sure Kenshin is also present in your submission. No OCs allowed.
:bulletblue: Black and white only. Traditional or digital or mixed is acceptable. If you add hints of color (eyes, blood, whatever), that's acceptable. But hints only, people.
:bulletblue: Entries will be judged according to technique, time spent, and feeling conveyed. For best chances at winning, take your time and give it your all.
:bulletblue: Upon submitting an entry, note the club or comment on this journal, letting us know which submitted deviation is your entry. Please enter contest entry into the contest folder under the proper sub-folder. After the contest, it will be moved into its proper gallery.
:bulletblue: Any questions or concerns? Comment here or note the club.

The Winners!
Congratulations to our winners of the 2012 ClubKenshin Contest! It was tough to decide between all the beautiful entries, but ultimately we made our decision. We kept in mind the themes Redemption, Honor and Courage; we studied the art and read the artist's comments, and finally it came down to these:

Manga Category
Dreams by Nichii by :iconnichii:
Feature from LyzzART
25 points from Mirrasae
Sketch Request from Nichii
Two month feature from our affiliate SaiMono
One Month Subscription from littlenechan

Solid Category
Redemption by Englehart by :iconenglehart:
Feature from LyzzART
25 points from Mirrasae
Sketch Request from Nichii
Two month feature from our affiliate SaiMono
Color Request from littlenechan
One Month Subscription  from Mirrasae
5 Points from pheonickx

Sketchy Category
Himura: Saving Grace by azusasketch by :iconazusasketch:
Feature from LyzzART
25 points from Mirrasae
Sketch Request from Nichii
Two month feature from our affiliate SaiMono
Color Request by Englehart
One Month Subscription from Mirrasae

Honorable Mention
For Her by Jade-Lightning-Wolf by :iconjade-lightning-wolf:
5 Points from Mirrasae

Other Submissions
We want to thank all participants for your diligence and time. Each entry is beautiful and unique.

Manga Category
Unlikely Experience 9 (for Eli) by Paranoid-Duckkie by :iconparanoid-duckkie:
Contest Entry: Samurai x Knight by mightandmadness by :iconmightandmadness:

Solid Category
To Be Redeemed, This One Lives. (Contest Entry) by HumanStick by :iconhumanstick:
Perseverance through Darkness by animemusicFCB by :iconanimemusicfcb:
-_-Beware_of_the_kind_ones-_- by VanilliaWings by :iconvanilliawings:
Red Redemption by Paranoid-Duckkie by :iconparanoid-duckkie:
:thumb317384062: by :iconkestrelg:
Could You by equigoyle by :iconequigoyle:
Kenshin, Kaoru and Yahiko by Felandrim by :iconfelandrim:
Farewell firefly by AfT3rTh3Rain by :iconaft3rth3rain:
Ochiru Sakura by kura-ou by :iconkura-ou:

Sketchy Category
Rurouni Kenshin sketches by yuna2025 by :iconyuna2025:
Kenshin Himura by el-lobo2003 by :iconel-lobo2003:
Redemption by Knight-Dawn by :iconknight-dawn:
Redemption by Kenshins-Soul by :iconkenshins-soul:

Have fun!!
--Your Friendly ClubKenshin Staff

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I'm sorry! I forgot to tell you what category. It's Sketchy.
Finally! My muse came back for a bit!! Here's my entry! I hope I made it! :faint: ---> [link]
Mirrasae Sep 1, 2012   Writer
You just made it in time, so your entry is accepted. Thanks for entering, and best of luck!
Can I donate 5 points, to the 1st place person? ^^; I don't have enough to give away to all 3 sadly...

Man, I really wanted to enter this contest, but I only found out about it yesterday since I was traveling for like the entire summer! xD
Not really worth doing a quckie though, because RK totally deserves a full effort :nod:
Mirrasae Sep 1, 2012   Writer
Thanks for the donation! It's so very appreciated.

Sorry you missed the contest, but we may do a mini one before the year's out. :) I hope you enjoyed your travels.
AfT3rTh3Rain Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
here is my entry solid category [link]
Thank you very much for your entry. It has been added to our contest gallery and blog list. Best of luck to you!
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