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~: Oro? :~
"A true Rurouni seeks to become a Master of Oro."

To become a Master of Oro, you must first understand the Art of Oro. To do this, you must read the Art of Oro. While you strive to master the Art of Oro, you are a disciple of the Oro. However, to become a true Master, it is required to go beyond the mastery of the Art of Oro.

What are the privileges of Masters of Oro?
:bulletpurple: Each Master of Oro receives a 3 month subscription upon completion of the Five Tasks.
:bulletpurple: Each Master of Oro receives a certificatate, stating his or her acceptance as a Master.
:bulletpurple: Each Master of Oro is allowed one art piece of his or her choice to be kept in the Featured gallery.
:bulletpurple: Each Master of Oro is honored here forever.
:bulletpurple: Upon the completion of more Tasks, more special privileges may be awarded individually.

These are the tasks you must undertake to become a true Master of Oro: You need not do these tasks in order, save the first one.

:bulletred: Send a note to ClubKenshin with the subject Master of Oro, detailing why you should be considered for acceptance of Mastery. Once accepted, move on to the next task.

:bulletred: Participate in at least 1 ClubKenshin Contest.

:bulletred: Introduce at least 3 dA individuals to ClubKenshin, and have each of them join. Tell them to refer YOU in a Note after they have joined. When 3 individuals have referred you, and joined the Club, you will be Noted the successful completion of task three.

:bulletred: Submit 5 deviations to ClubKenshin (excluding any previously submitted, before sending the Note.) 1 of the 5 deviations must depict one of the Arts of Oro.

:bulletred: Promote Rurouni Kenshin in 1 dA journal, and Note the link to ClubKenshin, with the subject as RuroKen Promotion. This Journal MUST be more than three paragraphs long, detailing why you like RuroKen/Kenshin & what makes it so special to watch.

The FIVE TASKS and Master Privileges are subject to change on a whim.

These are those who have mastered the Art of Oro. The Masters of Oro direct the Disciples of Oro toward becoming Masters themselves.

Creator of the Art of Oro

These are those diligent students working toward their Mastery of Oro.

Tasks Complete: 1, 2, 4 & 5

Tasks Complete: 1

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