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Himura Kenshin Group

Welcome to ClubKenshin

Greetings Kenshin Fans-
And welcome to our fan group for Himura Kenshin, especially and naturally devoted to serving those who adore Kenshin and would love to prove it. We're here to serve the dA community and all Kenshin fans everywhere. We hope you enjoy your stay, indeed we do.


To Join

:bulletred: Simply use the "Join" button on the left column of our profile page under Group Info. You will be automatically accepted.

:bulletred: While it is not required, promoting our group would be much appreciated. You can link us in a journal, or a signature. If you want to use our banner to link, simply: : icon Club Kenshin : without the spaces.

To Submit

:bulletred: All submissions are reviewed before being accepted.

:bulletred: We only accept deviations wherein Himura Kenshin is present. We allow other characters to be in deviations, so long as Kenshin is also present. We only accept Rurouni Kenshin-related deviations.

:bulletred: We accept mature deviations only if they are appropriately filtered.

:bulletred: Please be sure that you're putting your deviation(s) in the proper gallery. We have galleries for Kenshin, Couples, Groups, Writings, Comics, Figures and Cosplay. Ask yourself which category best suits your submission before entering it to the club. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, simply ask via note or profile page and we'll respond ASAP.


Club Avatar by MegiInkdragon
Rurouni Kenshin © Watsuki Nobuhiro

We've narrowed down the theme selections for our up-and-coming annual ClubKenshin contest. Please vote for your preference! 

20 deviants said Epic Battle
18 deviants said Four Seasons
14 deviants said Love & Heartache

Gallery Folders

Fan-Fiction and Poetry
Annual Contest 2014



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I have a question for anyone in general. Where are the active RK forums? Most of the ones I find are inactive. Thanks.
Luna-Fantasma Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, you might be interested in posting this [link] as fav coz it's KENSHIN Himura character :love:
I've submitted it to the Kenshin Gallery. All you need to do is approve it on your end. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art! :aww:
Luna-Fantasma Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hI, I havent been here on DA for weeks and the invitation of you got expired, I'd be grateful if you re-send it please :aww:
Was it an invitation to join the Group?
(1 Reply)
Axcido Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi to all, I'm open for commissions XD--> [link] ------------------------------------------------- Hola a todos, comencé con una nueva temporada de comisiones---> [link]
Here is Shin Kyoto Hen part 2 - full length with Japanese language only --> [link]

Here is Shin Kyoto Hen part 1 - full length with English subtitles --> [link]

I believe you already know about the English sub movie???
StarJosherson Sep 18, 2012   General Artist
How come I haven't seen any more Rurouni Kenshin fan art lately? The reboot of the story came out just recently and I've yet to see fan art. I thought with the new movie and reboot of the manga I'd see fan art coming out. Anyways, I do hope someone does. ^^
I suspect as the movie hits more countries, it will have more direct exposure and influence.
StarJosherson Sep 21, 2012   General Artist
I hope it does. ^^ I remember the old anime fondly, as it was the first one I began to see when I was about 6/7 years old. :D
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